Mi2 Lab at CHI 2018

As announced previously, several members of the Information Interaction Lab have papers at CHI 2018. While last year three members of the lab were present, this year only Michael Nebeling is able to attend. Michael is always keen on meeting new people. This year he is particularly interested in talking to people that are considering doing a Postdoc after their PhD, or an internship to see if a PhD could be something. A research stay with us would allow you to explore exciting technical HCI domains, such as AR/VR, or gain more independent research experience in general and be involved in setting up a new lab such as ours. Please get in touch!

If you were interested in seeing some of our work, the schedule of our presentations is as follows:

Sunday all-day

Michael Nebeling is participating in the workshop Rethinking Interaction organized by Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Wendy Mackay.

Tuesday 9:00-9:20 AM

Erin McAweeney is going to present our paper User-Driven Design Principles for Gesture Representations by Erin McAweeney (REMS fellow visiting from UW), Haihua Zhang (summer intern from Tsinghua), and Michael Nebeling.

Tuesday 12:00-12:20 PM

Michael Nebeling is going to present our paper GestureWiz: A Human-Powered Gesture Design Environment for User Interface Prototypes by Maximilian Speicher and Michael Nebeling.

Wednesday 9:40-10:00 AM

Michael Nebeling is going to present our paper ProtoAR: Rapid Physical-Digital Prototyping of Mobile Augmented Reality Applications by Michael Nebeling, Janet Nebeling, Ao Yu (summer intern from Tsinghua), and Rob Rumble.

Wednesday 4:00-5:20 PM

Michael Nebeling is going to be part of the Special Interest Group discussion on Redefining Natural User Interface with James Landay, Chen Zhao, and others from Alibaba.

We’ll publish the final versions of the papers on this web site soon after CHI 2018.