3 Papers at CHI 2018

We are happy to announce that we have three conditionally accepted papers at CHI 2018 featuring our work on ProtoAR, a new AR physical-to-digital prototyping tool, GestureWiz, a gesture interface prototyping tool, and one paper on two studies into user-driven gesture representations.

  1. ProtoAR: Rapid Physical-Digital Prototyping of Mobile Augmented Reality Applications 
    M. Nebeling, J. Nebeling, A. Yu, R. Rumble
  2. GestureWiz: A Human-Powered Gesture Design Environment for User Interface Prototypes
    M. Speicher, M. Nebeling
  3. User-Driven Design Principles for Gesture Representations
    E. McAweeney, H. Zhang, M. Nebeling

See you at CHI 2018 in Montreal!