We are the Information Interaction Lab!

We are a new human-computer interaction lab at the University of Michigan School of Information, directed by Michael Nebeling. Welcome!

About Us

We study the next generation of user interfaces, as well as the methods and tools to create them.

We investigate new techniques, tools and technologies that enable users to interact with information in more natural and powerful ways, and also make it easier for designers to create more usable and effective interfaces. Ultimately, our research will allow more users to become designers.

Our lab is an incubator for new interactive things—a “living” lab, where people and technology come together, and generate, experience and share information in ways that were previously not possible, even with the latest and smartest technology available today. Our lab features emerging interactive technologies and devices—powered and enhanced by humans.


This includes both the users present in the lab as well as online crowds remotely participating in the interaction and, to some extent, even facilitating it, by acting on behalf of the users and the devices. Through our extensive outreach effort, people outside the lab engage with the research and the researchers in the lab.