Mi2 Lab at EICS 2018

Several current and former members of the Information Interaction Lab contributed to two papers at the ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS). Last year we had to miss out on EICS which was unfortunate as this has been a regular conference for the lab’s PI Michael Nebeling. This year, PhD student Brian Hall is going to represent us at EICS. Unfortunately, Michael is in conflict and will be at the ACM UIST program committee meeting instead. But, it’s going to be an exciting time for Brian. Not only will he present both papers, but it is also his first time in Europe. And, the conference is in Paris — ville d’amour. So show him some love at EICS! 🙂

The schedule of our presentations is as follows:

Wednesday, June 20th:

XD-AR: Challenges and Opportunities in Cross-Device Augmented Reality Application Development
Maximilian Speicher, Brian D. Hall, Ao Yu, Bowen Zhang, Haihua Zhang, Janet Nebeling, Michael Nebeling

Thursday, June 21st:

360Anywhere: Mobile Ad-hoc Collaboration in Any Environment using 360 Video and Augmented Reality
Maximilian Speicher, Jingchen Cao, Ao Yu, Haihua Zhang, Michael Nebeling (Presented by Brian D. Hall)