MichaelMichael Nebeling, Assistant Professor

I started the Information Interaction Lab at the University of Michigan to investigate next-generation user interfaces, and novel methods and tools to create them.

Max Speicher, Research Fellow

Brian Hall, PhD Student (starting in Fall 2017)

Erin McAweeney, REMS Fellow (visiting from UW iSchool)


Rob Rumble, MSI Student

Raden Tonev, MSI Student

Rhea Kulkarni, LSA Student (UROP)


Rachel Kim, BSI Student

Jingchen Cao (visiting from Fudan)

Carl Yu (visiting from Tsinghua)

Bowen Zhang (visiting from Tsinghua)

Haihua Zhang (visiting from Tsinghua)


Jaee Apte, MSI
Kanchi Bhawalkar, MSI
Andie Dumas, BSI
Pallavi Gupta, MSI
Annabel Weiner, BSI
Fei Ren, MSI
Anay Somvanshi, MSI
Licheng Zhu, MSI