Postdoc & PhD Alumni

  • Audrey Labrie (2020-2022; PhD Student)
  • Max Speicher (2017-2018; Post-doctoral Research Fellow)
  • Rob Rumble (2018-2019; PhD Student)
  • Brian Hall (2017-2019; PhD Student)
  • Josh Guberman (2018; PhD Student)

Master’s Thesis Option Program (MTOP) Alumni

Research Experience for Master’s Students (REMS) Alumni

  • Ruby Kim (2021; now a PhD student at Penn State)
  • Katy Madier (2018)
  • Leah Ramsier (2018; visiting from UNC at Chapel Hill)
  • Erin McAweeney (2017; visiting from UW)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP) Alumni

Graduate Student Alumni

Undergraduate Student Alumni

Former Research Interns & Visitors

  • Ryan Kim (2021; now a PhD student at NYU)
  • Yi Fei Cheng (2020; visiting from Swarthmore College; now a PhD student at CMU)
  • Yukang Yan (2019/2020; PhD Student visiting from Tsinghua; now a postdoc at CMU and incoming faculty HKUST)
  • Jiayin (Alice) Wang (2019 Summer Intern from Tsinghua; now a PhD student at UMich)
  • Ya’nan Sun (2019 Summer Intern from Tsinghua)
  • Amy (Shih-Ting) Lin (Winter 2019; Intern)
  • Lotus Zhang (2018 Summer Intern from UBC; now a PhD student at UW)
  • James Issac (2018; Research Visitor from Ford)
  • Jingchen Cao (2017 Summer Intern from Fudan)
  • Ao (Carl) Yu (2017 Summer Intern from Tsinghua)
  • Bowen Zhang (2017 Summer Intern from Tsinghua; now working at Microsoft HoloLens)
  • Haihua Zhang (2017 Summer Intern from Tsinghua)
  • Rachel Kim (2017 Summer Intern)

Photo Archive

Lab End of Summer 2019: Brian, Michael, Alan, Ya’nan, Alice, Shwetha, Lucy

Lab End of Summer 2018: Brian, Michael, Lotus, Josh, Katy

Lab Summer 2018: Michael, James, Brian, Leah, Rob, Max

CHI 2018: Rob, Carl, Max, Bowen, and Michael (taking the picture) working on ProtoAR, GestureWiz, and other submissions

Lab Summer 2017: Jingchen, Haihua, Michael, Rachel, Max, Carl, Erin, Bowen