SI 559 Teaser: New course specifically designed for students interested in AR/VR design–no technical background required

SI 659 Teaser: New course specifically designed for students with a more technical background and basic web development skills

The following courses are taught by Professor Michael Nebeling:

Note on COVID-19: We are currently in the process of adapting both courses so they can be taught in a safe and effective manner despite limited access to AR/VR equipment. Both courses will continue to be offered.

The Introduction to AR/VR Application Design is a first of two new master’s courses we have developed on AR/VR. This course will introduce graduate students to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) interfaces. It covers basic concepts, and students will create two mini-projects, one focused on AR and one on VR. While students will be given an overview of the range of tools used in industry, the focus will be on using prototyping tools. The course requires neither special background nor programming experience. This makes it possible to cater to a very diverse student population as we are offering this course to the entire Michigan community.

The Developing AR/VR Experiences course will take a more technical approach to teaching AR/VR, covering a wider range of tools, including Unity. The course will require completion of programming courses such as SI 506 and SI 539; however, the Intro to AR/VR course will not be a prerequisite. The course will be offered as an advanced elective in the School of Information’s MSI program starting in Winter 2019.

We also always offer projects to gain preliminary research experience as a research assistant, independent studies for credit, and research internships. If you’re interested, please contact us.