First Semester Done

First Semester Done

Photo from our last hackathon in December, showing a number of students involved in the lab, picture taken with Kinect Photo

Fall 2016 was our first semester at UMSI, and a number of things happened:

  • set up our new lab space
  • purchased an initial set of wearable, mobile, and stationary devices: five 4K displays, a number of smartwatches, mobile phones, Kinects, portable projector, Surface Book and Surface Studio (pre-order)
  • got our lab’s logo designed
  • primarily worked on interfaces to support our lab activities, but also initial research

Our projects included:

  • lab backend and platform that manages devices and users in the lab
  • lab dashboard, an ambient interface pulling together information on all kinds of lab activities
  • Slack and Trello integrations
  • Alexa voice interfaces for the lab
  • Kinect gesture, voice and multimodal interfaces for the lab based on Kinect Analysis
  • sketching and note-taking interfaces
  • continued our research on the XDBrowser project:
    • support for semi-automatic distribution (upcoming CHI’17 paper)
    • round smartwatch interface
    • projector-based interface
    • in-car interface

Other activities included:

  • presented research overview at MISC seminar
  • taught SI 482 Interaction Design Studio
  • organized weekly hackathons for interested students
  • held cross-device tutorial at the International Conference on Surfaces and Space (ISS’16)