Our lab will have weekly hackathons on Thursdays, 3pm-6pm.

Our hackathons will be completed in 3 hours (they are still “real” hackathons, we’re just faster 😛). We will start with introductions and goals—what’s the goal you want to accomplish over the next 3 hours? Goals do not have to be “researchy” and lab-related, they can be personal goals as well (e.g., implement functionality X, design usability study for project Y, or finish assignment for course Z). Sometimes a hackathon may be dedicated to a particular goal relevant to the lab. But even then, you may come and choose to contribute to that goal or work on your own. The main thing is to come together as a group and feel productive working towards the announced goal, be it individually or in teams.

Important note: these hackathons, although organized by the Information Interaction Lab, are not restricted to lab members. We encourage everyone who is affiliated with UMSI (faculty, staff, students) and interested to join us and have some fun (plus getting some work done, too!).

If it’s going to be your first hackathon, please contact us to let us know you’ll be attending and find out about the exact location.