New PhD student: Audrey Labrie

Professor Nebeling and the Michigan Information Interaction Lab are thrilled to announce that Audrey Labrie has decided to join the UMSI PhD program. Audrey will be joining us from Polytechnique Montreal where she is currently finishing up her undergraduate in Software Engineering.

Audrey has a variety of interests in mixed reality interfaces, interaction techniques, accessibility, and how to learn and be productive with these evolving new sets of technologies. Recently, Audrey has been visiting with Professor Albrecht Schmidt‘s research group at LMU in Germany, where she helped create and study an mobile augmented reality German language learning app with users. The project was supervised by Lewis Chuang, Fiona Draxler and Albrecht Schmidt, and led to a publication at CHI 2020.

Audrey is currently working with Professor Jinghui Cheng at the User-Centered Design Lab at Polytechnique Montreal on two user-centered AR design projects.

We are looking forward to welcoming Audrey to U-M, the UMSI community, and our lab, and to many exciting new research projects together with her!