Selected Publications

For the full list of publications, please check Google Scholar and DBLP.

  1. XD-AR: Challenges and Opportunities in Cross-Device Augmented Reality Application DevelopmentEICS’18a
    M. Speicher, B.D. Hall, A. Yu, B. Zhang, H. Zhang, J. Nebeling, M. Nebeling
  2. 360Anywhere: Mobile Ad-hoc Collaboration in Any Environment using 360 Video and Augmented RealityEICS’18b
    M. Speicher, J. Cao, A. Yu, H. Zhang, M. Nebeling
  3. ProtoAR: Rapid Physical-Digital Prototyping of Mobile Augmented Reality Applications CHI’18a
    M. Nebeling, J. Nebeling, A. Yu, R. Rumble
  4. GestureWiz: A Human-Powered Gesture Design Environment for User Interface Prototypes CHI’18b
    M. Speicher, M. Nebeling
  5. User-Driven Design Principles for Gesture Representations CHI’18c
    E. McAweeney, H. Zhang, M. Nebeling
  6. Playing the Tricky Game of Toolkits Research HCI.Tools@CHI’17
    M. Nebeling
  7. XDBrowser 2.0: Semi-Automatic Generation of Cross-Device Interfaces CHI’17
    M. Nebeling