Latest Research

Our current focus is on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality interfaces. We have created new systems and tools to support cross-device augmented and mixed reality interfaces, and new prototyping tools, with our first three papers appearing at CHI 2018. For example, here is a video summary of our upcoming ProtoAR tool:

Below are some examples from our ongoing research:

  • XD-AR (EICS’18 paper) an augmented reality platform that we are developing for multi-user multi-device augmented reality experiences that allow users to “edit” the physical world in realtime
  • 3D Virtual/Physical Lab: virtual and physical 3D models of our lab environment that we are using to design new forms of natural user interfaces and cross-device interactions for both users in the lab and users participating remotely
  • Surface Pad: initially conceived as a sketching interface that can work with new kinds of input devices, we are currently exploring how the interface can be extended to easily import and blend content from the digital and physical worlds